For the dick challenge.

IMG_7806I travel worldwide for that dick
I’ll pay your bills for that dick
I’ll have your kids without protection for that dick
I’ll do a split in de middle for that dick
I’ll cuss your missing dad for that dick
Then I’ll sit pon itI’ll commit a crime for that dick
I’ll dutty whine for that dick
I’ll drop the soap for that dick
I’ll get you Nando’s rice for that dick
Then treat you like a side for that dick
I’ll fuck your boys on our break for that dick
I’ll bail you out of jail for that dickI’ll Netflix and chill for that dick
I’ll cook you dinner for that dick
I’ll travel uni to uni for that dick
I’ll do a lot more for that dick
That dick that dick.Part 2I’ll rap for the dick
I’ll skip college for the dick
I’m going to make my ass clap for the dick
I’ll sell drugs for the dick
I’ll get my pussy ran on for the dick
I’ll be your lil hoe for the dick
Your dick makes me thiccI’ll fuck you in my friends bed for the dick
I’ll call you names for the dick
I’ll go insane for the dick
I’ll whisper your name for the dick
I’ll workkkk for the dick
I’ll even skin out mi pum for the dick
I’ll work for the dick
I’ll wear sexy outfits for the dickI’ll beat a yat up for the dick
I’ll fly to Venus for that dick
I’ll beat serena at tennis for that dick
I’ll azonto for the dick
I’ll play you at your own games for that dick
I’ll avoid cheating for that dick
I’ll buss case for that dick
I’ll pay bail for that dick
That dick that dick.Thought I’ll re-upload my creativity.Teeks X

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