It’s your time to self-reflect and look back. 

Who even are you anymore? Why are you always so angry push your closest away and people you’ve known for a short space are so close to your heart. 

What have they done to earn so much bitterness, actually pause hold on why are you so bitter now, your not the person I used to know, but used to and now are remarkably different. 

Your fear yourself but do others really fear you? Are you who you say you are or are you a phoney in disguise? Somethings not right and you know it, yet you won’t get help, why? There could be something wrong and you are blocking all signs. 

You know your ill yet you won’t allow yourself to get help, all your going to do is slowly deteriorate, you’ll begin to look lifeless instead of full of life, do you really want that? 

You say you have dreams and aspirations but you won’t reach them unless you sort out the battles inside your head first, sometimes matter over mind, remind yourself you matter, other people too but who’s really got you like yourself? Think hard and slow, rash decisions won’t get you your answer, but pace yourself and think the solution or answer could be staring you hard in the face. 

What are you doing? Laying in bed, no motivation, typing on your phone, ignoring your surroundings, I’ve got you where I wanted you, indulged, your typing and scrolling all on a device that controls you, social media can be a downfall and can bring you up. 

Are you happy or sad? You don’t even bloody know whether your coming or going, but pause wait, all in due time, whisper that to yourself (All in due time) you’ll be successful, your dreams may be a struggle now but in Jesus name may your day come and bless you. 


Teeks X

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