I’m going to add a new segment to my blog called (unreleased) how ironic because I will be releasing them.

However, whenever I’m on my phone and I’m feeling down I always write what’s on my mind, I’ve had material in my notes for years which I haven’t really looked at until a few days ago, because one of my sad spells came back to haunt me. 

I was looking through them and some of them were incomplete so over time I’ll start to complete and then release them. 

This segment will be me to you sort of thing, most of what I’ve typed is in 2nd or 3rd person.

I suffer from mental health, but I hide it a lot to a point where you won’t know if I’m joking when I say things or I’m just always happy! 

I like helping people regardless if you suffer from mental health or not, but for the people who do, I want you to know from me that you are not alone.

I work within mental health and care, and it’s honestly a job I adore so much!

Any feedback will be appreciated, or if you want to talk my DMs are always open. 

The release dates will probably be random, but they’ll all be released at 9am.

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